HP Debuts System Jet Fusion 3D, Its Official Entry into The World of 3D Printing

Since HP announced its restructuring with the intention to separate into two companies, Hewlett-Packard’s Enterprise and HP Inc., the goal was clear, focus on the most profitable business for the company and from there, to create strategies with greater clarity and without mixing the markets between the end user and the business.

As this division was confirmed, HP Inc. announced that one of the bets that lazarían this year would be to 3D printing, something taken calmly since they did not want to rush the passage, because we are faced with a market that has been gaining relevance and why they want to go with products that they are worth the penalty and provide functionality according to what the market demands at present. This is how you arrive Jet Fusion 3D, HP bet the world of 3D printing.

10 times faster and up to 50% less cost.

HP will be using something that has been called voxels, that is the equivalent of a pixel 3D, which offers the ability to create parts and materials in a simple way and with a level of customization that according to HP, “reinvent itself” 3D printing, since it makes use of its own modeling software, from where we can adapt existing parts, drawings and images, to a 3D model.

This system is intended initially for companies, those that seek to reduce flows of work by having your own printer to create parts in minutes, that is divided into two elements: the processing station and the container, allowing you to work on new creations while it prints and cool a piece.

Of course HP will make available all its own impression material, which will be sold in cartridges of 10 liters to barrels of 200 litres, at a price that still not been announced, but according to the company is up to 50% cheaper the current solutions on the market.

In total are presenting two 3D printing devices that reach the market by the end of 2016, on the one hand the HP Jet Fusion 3200 which will have an estimated price of $130,000, and the Jet Fusion 4200 HP, which will come up to the $200,000, which it will be 25% faster than the 3200, but it will also be compatible with other printing methods, through injection or moulding.