HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw in Test

HP manages the Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw a compelling color laser multifunction device for the office, as demonstrated in the test.

What’s new on HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw: The color laser multifunction device is part of the current generation of devices, which equips manufacturers with JetIntelligence. The aim of the revised printing technology is to keep the energy supply as low as possible without sacrificing quality and speed. As with the previously tested color laser printer HP Laserjet Pro M252dw stuck to well inside the M277dw new cartridges. They are more compact than the predecessors, which reduces the space requirement of the multifunction device. In addition, the toners with lower melting points come out. This is expected to reduce the overall energy consumption of the color laser combiner.

In the test we noticed this positively

If the color laser combiner is in the rest mode, it consumes just 2.9 watts – which is comparatively little energy. This quickly transitions into the operating mode, as the print time of 15 seconds for a text page from the energy saving mode shows. If we print the document from the current operation, we will measure exactly the same time value. Overall, the achieved HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw average printing, scanning and copying times, however, the rated speed of 18 pages for black and color documents accessible. It produces harmonious colors, which it places on the paper without stripes.

We were surprised by the quality of the scanning unit: it produces very sharp scans, which convince in brightness. The color measurement results in slightly overprinted reds and blues, which are not negative in the overall impression. From the good San unit also the test copies benefit: If many color laser multifunctional devices like to lose some details, the HP model can convince precisely in this point. The newly designed scanbed is just as appealing: it only has a raised edge on the side of the original. Otherwise, the glass surface runs frameless to the edge of the device. This means that book pages can also be scheduled.

Convincing is also the Interfaces the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw with LAN, WLAN and USB and Wi-Fi Direct and NFC. There is also a USB host port on the front of the device for external storage media. We insert a USB stick , a, we see it stored folders and photos. Navigating is very easy via the foldable touch screen. We can print pictures and documents from the stick, but also put scans on it. With the file formats JPG, PDF, DOCX, the Color laserjet model has no problem, but PNGs can not handle it.

We find this less well on the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw

The paper tray can hold a maximum of 150 sheets. This is a bit short for an office combiner. In addition, the device can not be extended by an optional cassette. HP also saved on the paper tray – probably to reach the compact device size. With 100 sheets maximum capacity, it can be tight. At the same time, only a PCL driver is included. Postscript delivers the M277dw only when we select the setting in the device menu.

Another thing that stands out: The scan driver has indeed received a new user interface with a more modern appearance, but at a phenomenon has not changed: The preview scan takes 11 seconds with still relatively long.

This is the cost of the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw

The color laser multifunctional unit comes with a black cartridge with a 1500-page range, which corresponds to a standard filling. However, the colors red, blue and yellow are real starter cartridges with only 700 side ranges, which is exactly half the standard running capacity of the standard cartridges. If we base the XL variants with 2800 pages for black or 2300 pages for color, we arrive at 3.3 cents for the black-and-white and 12.9 cents for the colored sheet – overall average page prices.

This is worth mentioning: The volume of the HP model in the operation achieved in the test 17.7 Sone – that is an average value. The color laser multifunction device can be placed on the desk without disturbing it. This is all the more true for the quiet mode, which only makes so much noise with 0.1 Sone that we perceive it when we pay close attention to it. In addition to the basic functions of printing, scanning, copying and faxing the M277dw also offers the varieties of mobile printing with Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint and NFC. In addition, the built-in duplex unit takes the automatic printing of the front and back of a sheet.

This is our conclusion to the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw

The multifunction device is a good office worker, which is as convincing in the quality of the prints and scans as in the equipment. It works reliably, is up-to-date in matters of mobile printing and comes at absolutely reasonable costs – both in the side price and in the energy supply. In our opinion the further development of the printing and cartridge technology has paid off. It is especially for self-employed persons and small groups of workers that the combineress will do well. Another plus: the purchase price is fair. So the M277dw overall the price range can be secured very cheap.


HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw

Speed ​​(30%)


Quality (30%)


Consumption (15%)


Handling (10%)


Features (10%)


Service (5%)



(Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Apps, HP Connected)


Satisfactory (2.53)

Price-performance ratio

very cheap


HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw (Rating: 2.83)












USB host



4 Help programs

Drivers: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / Linux / Mac OS / Unix

No / yes / yes / yes / yes / yes / no

Faxing without PC possible




HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw (Rating: 2.74)

Print (b / w): 1 page text / 20 pages text / 12 pages PDF

0:15 / 1:18 / 1:06 minutes

Print (color): 12 pages PDF / 1 page graphic / A4 photo

1:16 / 0:17 / 0:53 min

Scan: Color / Text / Preview / Grayscale

0:13 / 0:12 / 0:11 / 0:11 Minutes

Copy (b / w): 5 pages / 1 page

0:27 / 0:14 Minutes

Copy (color): 1 page

0:16 Minutes


HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw (Rating: 2.68)

Side cost black / color

3.3 / 12.9 cents

Starter toner cartridges for black / color

1500/700 pages

Price of the B / W toner in the purchase

92.34 euros

Price Farbtoner in the Nachkauf

296.37 euros

Range SW toner in the additional purchase


Price Farbtoner in the Nachkauf


Power consumption: off

0.0 watts

Power consumption: Energy saving mode

2.9 watts

Power consumption: Operation

265 watts

Energy saving according to

Blue Angel, Energy Star





HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw

Test category

Multifunctional (color laser)

Multifunction device manufacturer


Internet address of HP

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

329 euros

HP’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months


HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw


Print (b / w): text / graphics / A4 photo

Good / satisfying / good

Print (color): PDF / Graphic / A4 photo

well well well

Printing: Color fidelity / letter sharpness

5 out of 24 / sharp

Scanning: Total impression / picture sharpness

Good / very sharp

Scanning – hits: colorless / too light / too dark


Scanning – Color Stitch: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow


Copy: b / w / color

good Good


Software: Printer / Scanner

easy easy

Operation: Control panel / change toner cartridges / toner and developer separately / required space / processing / paper transport / max. Paper stock

Very simple / simple / no / 2558 cm² / good / easy / 150

Operating noise: Idle

0.1 Sone

Operating noise: Operation

17.7 Sone

Printable media: Banner






maximum paper weight

163 g / qm²





photo paper


Borderless printing




Manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

Yes / yes / no / no