How to Use Your Printer

To get the most from your printer, it is interesting to look at these few details. Let’s explore the main accessories to predict when buying your printer.

How to Use Your Printer

How to Choose The Paper?

Element as important as the ink, the choice of paper is highly correlated with the quality of printing, especially for photo printing. Also, it is important to pay special attention when purchased. The texture of the paper is the essential criterion, because it is more smoother, the print result will be satisfactory.

However, it is not necessary for office use impressions to invest in a quality paper. A standard widely paper will do! However, if you are looking for a high print quality to make a report or a CV, an office paper weights higher offer better presentation than plain paper.

Photo printing requires a special photo paper that has the characteristic of hanging ink and provide better rendering.Depending on your needs, you can also choose a weight (surface of the paper in grams per square meter), more or less important.

For standard text printing, a minimum weight of 75g / m² is recommended while for photo printing, a minimum weight of 180 g / m² is strongly advised.

How to clean my printer?

The ink drying and paper particles that accumulate are the two main causes of contamination of a printer. To clean the ink cartridges, just use the software dedicated to your device. An option “cleaning” or “maintenance” is there most of the time.

If your printer has a display, the cleaning is then accessible from the latter. You can also find the maintenance of your printer instructions by referring to its manual supplied generally in the packaging of your printer.

You can also download the manual in PDF format directly on your printer manufacturer’s website.

How to choose my cartridges?

It is sometimes hard to find what are the compatible cartridges for your printer. Some manufacturers provide a small memo to fit in your wallet to remind you which cartridges choose.

If the manufacturer offers XL cartridges or large capacity, we advise you to opt for them. Indeed, high capacity cartridges reduce the cost to the printer page.

Moreover, ESSENTIELB offers ink cartridges are fully compatible with many inkjet printers. Their low cost allows you to make real savings on the printing budget.

Simply know the number of your printer to find compatible cartridges by following this link

Alternatives to traditional cartridges

HP Instant Ink

P has created Instant Ink to offer a new way to get your ink cartridges. Instant Ink is an alternative service and automatic ink cartridges delivery. With Instant Ink, the printer automatically order new cartridges when the ink runs out, they are then delivered home. The result: always ready printer … and save the key!

Each Instant Ink package corresponds to a monthly page volume (50 – 100 – 300 pages) guarantee, whatever the required amount of ink. Print 50 A4 photos in color or in draft mode 2 pages of text does not cost you! offering songs and lyrics for all popular songs and artists in the world. Read here.

Click here to learn more about HP Instant Ink.

Epson EcoTank

Epson offers a revolutionary new system that will allow you to save on your prints, thanks to the patented EcoTank. And an ink jet printer that uses ordinary ink for many impressions, the group offers a new range of printers in which you will have to pay directly the liquid ink in the tanks provided for this purpose. Thus the impression of autonomy and improve the refilling cartridges is as simple as dependable.

Boulanger Barter & Co

An ecological approach to our planet and economical for our customers. Baker created the Barter & Co service.

To participate in Barter & Co, is simple: