How to Keep Your Face or Your Breasts after Surgery? The 3D Printing Has The Answer

When a patient decides to become a reconstruction or simply want to undergo a surgical procedure, the most common is the options and the potential results on paper, in a photo album, to show you to inform you and it may decide what you want to do. And if I could teach something much more real What all of that? In MirrorMe3D you think that 3D printing has the answer.

What do they specifically? First scan in three dimensions the face or the area to operate (can be also the breasts) and perform modifications on this model. Subsequently, they use a 3D printer for printing results and in this way patients can see them in relief and in actual size.

What you buy then? If you wish, you can get a mini version of your face for $60. If you want your face in real size, that will cost you a little more: up to $300. And if you’re going to operate nose and you are only interested in that area? You can also print “fragments” of your face. The same with other parts of the body: for $60 you can see how the final result will be even before you operate with a replica of your future breasts.

Carrie Stern, responsible for the company’s plastic surgeon, ensures that view changes and touch them is something that helps patients to understand how the surgery will be and what changes will suffer their bodies: “patients not are given well understand simulations in 3D on a computer screen”.