How to Choose a Printer

Despite a decline in sales, the printer remains an important device. Text documents, PDFs, photos, web pages still need to be put on paper, at a variable rate depending on the users. These, increasingly demanding, pushed the machine to diversify to achieve the multifunction: scanner and photocopying joined the traditional printing. Today, the attention seems focused on ergonomics (touch screens, front / back …) and connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth …). As many parameters that make the choice of more and more complicated. So instead decryption.

How to Choose a Printer

A printer for occasional needs
You would spend much of you this purchase, but you still wish to be able to print from time to time an email, a plan, a recipe, a PDF … possibly by a photo here and there, although you order generally your prints on the internet. The budget is clearly a decisive criterion. You need a printer that everything from classic.

The main features to look for:

  • Start by looking at the price of cartridgesprospective models. When printing little autonomy is hardly decisive: the important thing is to leave as little money as possible at checkout. Manufacturers offer packs priced cartridges, think about it;
  • Generally, printers with separate cartridges avoid wasted since it allows to change only the color exhausted. Avoid models with a black cartridge dedicated to photography, a premium for nothing in your case;
  • Choose a model with small dimensions. A little-used device should not occupy too much space.

Printers, particularly entry, are regularly sold USB cable: check this before entering into the transaction.

When used sporadically printer, the ink has a tendency to dry. So remember to turn on the printer from time to time, for it performs a cleaning cycle.

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A printer for small office needs
You use your printer quite regularly, in a predominantly office setting (output black and white or mixed documents) and moderate amounts (30 to 40 pages per week). And why not print some photos from time to time. More than comfort, function photocopy you is actually useful. You need a multifunction printer, a little above the entry level.

The main features to look for:

  • In terms of resolutions, we must build on 4800 dpi (dots per inch) printing and 1200 dpi scanning. If the printer makes more, all the better but it is not necessary;
  • A speed of around 10 pages per minute (black and white, draft quality) ensure prompt execution of your print jobs. Be careful not to yield to the temptations of manufacturers, whose songs tend to inflate performance with virtually pristine pages. You can reasonably divide by 2 the figures announced;
  • Of separate cartridges are preferable, especially if you are printing photos. Look at the prices of consumables and locate manufacturers that offer black ink cartridges (the one you use most) of capacity.

The democratization of the Wi-Fi is on. In this range of multifunction printers we recommend (less than 100 € wholesale), some models are already equipped.This can be an advantage.

A small control panel, preferably in color, allow easy use of the standalone copier function.

Watch the way the decibel level in operation announced by manufacturers.Beyond 50 dB, the printer may be considered noisy.

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A versatile printer for a mixed-use share
The printer is a must for you which you expect versatility: it must fulfill its original role of office device, scan and photocopy understood, but also quickly get quality photos. You also want the printer to fit into the home network and be easily controlled independently.

The main features to look for:

  • The resolutions will go up to 5760 or 9600 dpi for printing and 4800 dpi for scanning if your photo needs are really important;
  • Of separate inks are required, if possible with a black cartridge picture of pigment ink for a more dense picture;
  • The MFP must embark the WiFi or Ethernet connection (depending on your preferences) to insert into your network. Bluetooth is a plus if you want to print jobs directly from your compatible phone or device;
  • The presence of a large screen, why not touch as is fashionable at the moment, will facilitate the independent use, but shared between several people, including the skill levels can vary;
  • A print speed of 15 pages per minute (black and white, draft quality) you will confer office use rather sustained.

A memory card reader built and a port PictBridge authorize direct photo printing.

The most versatile models offer printing on CD-DVD with a special tray at the front paper tray.

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A tool for the office thrust
You go out a considerable amount of impressions per day, for you printer is a tool (SOHO …). The cost per page therefore fit into your business budget constraints. You need a printer that meets your productivity concern, both in terms of pure performance as possibilities.

The main features to look for:

  • When we talk of large quantities, the laser wins for its profitability. The toners are expensive but they offer a range of several thousand pages;
  • The print speed will exceed preferably 20 pages per minute. Output time of the first page will not exceed 15 seconds;
  • In addition to the functions scan and photocopyessential in office, the printer will offer the duplex automatic or manual;
  • Features such as network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and fax make your perfectly communicating multifunction.

Make sure the sheet tray has a capacity that meets your requirements (minimum 250 sheets). The laser multifunction regularly embark several trays.

Check out the dimensions product: a color laser multifunction occupies a substantial space!

Think of the power consumption of the printer in your accounting. Some manufacturers give the kWh per week.

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A powerful photo printer like 1970s printers. Passionate about photography, for you printer is the last link in a long chain graph. Print quality is THE key criterion: fair and nuanced colors, deep blacks, lasting prints… Just happen after the execution speed. You need a high-end printer.

The main features to look for:

  • A print resolution 5 760-9 600 dpi with a droplet size of very small ink (1 to 1.5 picolitre approximately).You will get the highest possible fine print;
  • Of separate cartridges with a high number of color shades (5-8 cartridges) in pigmented inks is needed.Photo dedicated cartridges are clearly more (matt black varnish …)
  • The printing speed can be a significant advantage if you take a lot of pictures. Less than 1 min for a 10 x 15cm borderless in maximum quality, it is a fast guarantee.

Most fans can be directed to printers offer the A3 or A3 + (up to 36 x 43 cm).These very high-end models embark up to 10 inks (black, photo black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light, magenta, red, green and gray) and can print on thick media arts.

A tray dedicated to the paper photo 10 x 15 cm is handy (it avoids disrupting the positioning of A4 paper).

the presence of a PictBridge port and / or a memory card reader may be desirable.

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A 10 x 15 simple and nomadic
Only 10 x 15 cm interested. Looking ease of use, the photo is for you a hobby completely separate computer. You want to take your printer everywhere to make prints without waiting (to distribute to your friends or send them as postcards).

The main features to look for:

  • For a printer 10 x 15, technology sublimation gives better results than inkjet: prints are most brilliant and durable, the grain is invisible;
  • The presence of an LCD improve the ergonomics of the product (the greatest and why not adjustable), for example by offering automated image retouching;
  • Most nomads choose models with battery and Bluetooth to overcome as much as possible the cables (often optional battery).

Side printing time, know that the thermal sublimation is usually slower (1 min 10 s in the best case by picture against forty seconds inkjet).

The cost per photo is between 25 and 45 cents by drawing, depending on the technology and quantities of purchased paper + ink (consumables sold in pack very often). With a steady average of 29 cents per photo, figure out which manufacturers always seem to have agreed…

Side connection , it will of course a memory card reader and a USB PictBridge port. Some models include a CD burner…

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