Hovalin Is The Violin Inspired by The Stradivarius Which You Can Print in 3D

New surprises come segment of 3D printers, but this time in a quite different area. Hovalin is an Open Source project – with nuances, that Yes – that allows you to print an acoustic violin with a 3D printer.

The project managers tell us how the total materials cost round $70 and that the result is fully functional. Inspired by the legendary Stradivarius, these violins once again demonstrate the versatility of this type of device.

If you want to use it commercially

Responsible for hovalin indicate that the project and the design, created with Autodesk Fusion 360, makes use of a Creative Commons license (in particular the CC BY-NC-SA), but the curious thing about the case is that although this license allows you to use, modify and distribute the design, it has a curious restriction.

Commercial use of this instrument is: If you use it with that orientation, makers of this creation, the HOVA LLC company, indicates that it will be necessary for the artist to send them 10% of gross income by the use of such design every six months.

Here must be experts in this field that must be judged, but it will be difficult for a violin made of plastic materials that take advantage on a 3D printer to offer the same feelings and the same quality of sound than a traditional violin made of wood and other materials used in their manufacture. Even so, the idea is certainly ingenious.