High Speed 3D Printers Are in Development

You have probably all seen already in action – at least in video-one 3D printer. These solutions could revolutionize all types of segments, but have a problem: they are terribly slow.

Precisely in order to try to solve this problem there are projects such as the of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) of the United States, which aims to build between 200 and 500 times faster 3D printer that which currently exist.
So the ORNL researchers are using e.g. granules or pellets of additive material instead of the traditional strand, but it mostly makes use of a much larger, 0.3-inch extruder approximately opposite the 0.02 inches of the current printers.

This extruder can apply much more material more quickly, and also allows you to perform the direct extrusion of fiber reinforced material, that it changes the behavior of the material and allows it to grow outside of the oven which includes the whole.

This apparently has a problem: the surface finish is very little defined, since this extruder does not allow to obtain precise shapes. Precisely in order to solve this issue Add a spindle on the same machine that is giving it forms quickly that figure we want to model in 3D.