Here, Shadow, Shadow Mink Wants Us to Print Our Make-Up

I don’t use makeup but I kicked me sufficient stores of cosmetics, and I have given enough to know that is expensive, pretty by the way. Aside from the price, is a product that has great consumption and something quite important: the curiosity to test all possible types, including combinations of colors.

At that point someone has decided that it would be a great idea that someone could create their own makeup at home. How? With Mink, a kind of 3D printer that is capable of creating cosmetics with the color that you want through a photograph.

A small homemade makeup factory

When I saw the official website of Mink emerged me many questions that still I failed to resolve. Agree, it is a printer which manufactures cosmetics of a certain color that we appoint him through an image but What kind of makeup is capable of printing?

As explained in an interview in Business Insider, the printer uses a type of cosmetic and base and different types of dyes to “print” a powder that is similar to the traditional makeup that we would find in any store. There are many types and sometimes the choice of a material or another is quite personal. I have a lot of curiosity by Mink but not so much by the final product but to see How will make it and the results when someone use.

The printer has a very feminine approach but not only so it is able to do but because of the motivation that arises. Since Mink want that we can print any color without limiting ourselves to the range offered by the brands. Grace, its creator, says that she it felt bad to see certain exotic colors that she liked weren’t available.

This is all we know at the moment: Grace says that right now the printer has the size of a conventional 3D printer but want to reduce its size to leave it in a Mac Mini-like dimensions. The starting price will be of $300 and at the moment has no departure date.