Ghost Gunner, The Required Key to Manufacture Rifles with 3D Printers

A year ago and half appeared a controversial project: a series of 3D models allowing to manufacture a firearm with a conventional 3D printer. Alarms jumped to “ease”, note the quotes, to manufacture a homemade gun. They could manufacture virtually everything except some metallic elements that you had to manually install.

Now Ghost Gunner, a non-profit project, wants to go further in the manufacture of weapons with 3D printers and has created a tool that allows you to create the metallic body in which engage all parts of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Its price will be $1,200 in the first version and will rise to 1,500 once goes on sale.

When talking about this project you have to do a number of nuances. The finished product that creates this numerical control lathe the chassis of the weapon, What in English is known as receiver. I.e., not gives us a semiautomatic rifle that can fire, only the metal part so then, by our count, we us the rest, we can do it with parts 3D without any problem.

In fact, Defense Distribute (the creators) sold the chassis in the rough so we polishing in our Ghost Gunner. In total, assemble an AR-15 rifle (civilian and modular version of the M-16) has a total cost (by adding all the parts) of $2,000 per which actually not saves connection that we could buy in an Armory.

It remains to be seen if this machine would be able to create another type of chassis entering the hollow Ghost Gunner has to work or if you only will be able to create AR-15. At the moment its premise is that any person with ability riding only weapons need an hour to have it mounted.