Get a Car Ready for Print in 3D and Mount It Yourself

The 3D printing It has overtones of revolutionizing the creation of objects, in principle simple but who knows. And I don’t want to do it at home, but in the production chain. That is the idea of Nir Siegel, who ever thought as a designer of vehicles, buy a car and print it in 3D That’s a good idea.

Its concept Genesis taking as a basis a 3D printer that sends you your dream car brand. Once home, just they have to configure it and start to print. Then it is a matter of mounting on House which Cabinet of a well-known chain. Sure there are prior course of reading instructions.

Genesis continues to be a dream far away from be workable at one time, but for now this idea of Siegel has made him win the first prize at the Royal College of art. We’ll see where just working because imagination doesn’t lack.