Fujifilm Launches The First Printer Domestic Pictures in 3D

The 3D is fashionable (again) and we are seeing how companies such as Samsung are betting on a massive scale by this system, at least for the future of TVs. In the world of photography is also one of the trends for 2010 and we are already brands like Fujifilm that you are developing products in this sense.

And one of the new products just presented is the first Photo 3D printer, under the name of 3D Print System It promises to take photos printing in three dimensions to our homes.

Image via: Gizmag

The printer, which has a few measures 0.9mx0. 5mx0. 5m (a good bug go), uses a technology of printing by thermal sublimation on lenticular media, which produces images or 3D effects depending on the angle and the distance to the image.

With this product, Fujifilm closes the cycle of fotos-marco digital camera and now 3D printing.

Without price confirmed until April, we know that it will be on sale in the United Kingdom at the beginning of summer, from which we assume will give the international jump.