Fujifilm Is Building Micro-Printers for Smartphones

Fujifilm makes it possible to print photos even when traveling. The SP-2 micro-printer costs 200 US dollars.

On the phone, photos are shot quickly. But those who prefer to keep pictures in hand, it must only home print or office. With the micro-printer SP-2 provides Fujifilm photographers the opportunity to keep the already few minutes after taking a picture with a picture in his hand.

For the connection to the camera is a free app for iOS and Android, which makes settings via WLAN and also provides digital versions of the photos. The photo printer is for up to ten pictures is filled with cartridges. A package of 20 photos cost 20 US dollars.

The generated photos have a size of 86 x 54 millimeters, the actual image size is 62 x 46 millimeters. The preselection of the photos to be printed is made on the mobile device. This does not waste any photo paper. The term, according to Fujifilm ten seconds. The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 comes in the middle of July for 200 US dollars in the trade.