Free Stuff 101 Is The Printer That Arduino Wants to Put in Classrooms and Collaborative Creative Spaces

One of the small revolutions in the connected world and the DIY carries the surname of Arduino somewhere. So it is logical that the project will soon expand their participation already not only fever inside of the 3D printing.

Arduino will soon have its own 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot hand. Will be called Stuff 101 and its price will be around the 600 euro If we want to mount it yourself, or 700 if a kit is now ready to assemble at home.

It passes this way initiative be the brain of most models open source market to lead its own model. The plate will be known in the sector Arduino Mega 2560, and the somewhat limited maximum print capacity: 140 x 100 x 100 mm. Thus confirming a more domestic and educational professional profile.

This printer, which will arrive in a few weeks, will use PLA type material and who buy it, will have absolute control over it according to its spirit of open source.