Foodini Is a 3D Printer Where The Ink Is Fresh Food

Foodini is a 3D printer which ink capsules are formed by the ingredients of a food, as well, as it sounds. We are talking about a fact, but in fact we have a project that seeks funding, and that curiously has its headquarters in our country, more specifically Barcelona.

The company behind this invention is Natural Machines, which has arranged to blend fields as different as the creation of food, powered by the burgeoning 3D printers. The idea look very good, and you can see how it works in the following video:

Get to see it in every kitchen as which is a microwave, it seems a very long way, but we can’t help but be guided by the enthusiasm of its creators. They positively value the fact that the ingredients are fresh and carry people to eat more healthily.

More printer has the function of creating forms with fresh foods that we introduce in capsules, which the Cook, since many of the results can sometimes be consumed instantly, but others will be a step prior to be passed by the oven or microwave.

Ravioli with custom filling cookies with special design, or minced meat forming unique burgers, everything sounds interesting, but by early printers we are asked 1,000 dollars on Kickstater. For an investment of $2,000, those who have more haste, they will have access to the first models in October.