Filed: HP Deliberately Excludes Third-Party Ink Cartridges

A week ago, many users of HP printers found that they suddenly stopped working with the cheaper replacement cartridges from a Dutch vendor.

On the 13th of September, HP printers around the world refused the service with an error message stating that the cartridge was “missing or damaged” – even though a new one had just been put into operation, which had previously run smoothly Was. The numerous reports were particularly noticeable in Dutch printer cartridges sales. There one took care of the problem and contacted HP directly. HP initially claimed that error message come through a just distributed firmware update for the affected printer to pass.

Meanwhile, it has been found that this is a false assertion was proven, as reported. After all, many of the affected printers had not received the latest firmware update a year ago, or at all, if they were not connected to the Internet at all. The solution is that HP had deliberately programmed an expiration date into the original firmware of the devices. This is supposed to protect printers and the communication between the printer and the cartridge. These printers now only work when original HP cartridges are inserted. These of course are usually much more expensive than the offers from other manufacturers as 123inkt. This describes the problem and the corresponding consequences in detail on his website in a press release – Dutch release can be combined with Google easily translator transferred somewhat brittle German in when. There is also a list of affected HP Office Jet Pro printers. So far, it is not known that HP is taking measures to eliminate the annoying problem that users are now sitting on their cartridges.

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Comment: ink printer brand manufacturers are often offered low. You want to make money on the printer cartridges. Many users, however, is much too expensive, so they prefer to go to the offers of third parties. This freedom is also fully market-compatible, competition is ultimately part of the capitalist business. To undercut this in a somewhat obscure way, by an expiration date for foreign cartridges fixed into the firmware of the devices, is not only customer unfriendly, but also a marketing disaster – in the forums, many HP printer owners complain to the manufacturer and swear by this Brand no device to buy. It is currently unclear whether other printer manufacturers will do the same.