Even Children Can Print in 3D with Printeer

The theoretical revolution of the 3D printers It seems that it takes to get more than expected: printers and materials remain rather high so that the general public begins to experiment with this technology, but that does not stop some manufacturers to propose ideas to boost this market.

It is the case of Printeer, a printer that is trying to raise funds through a crowdfunding project. This type of printer is completely oriented to its use by children, Since a simple drawing on a tablet will become an equivalent 3D design.

There is therefore no complex design software 3D driving in this 3D printer for children, and also their design, showing how will operating the printer, also invites children to to understand the workings of this technology.

The printer will have a starting from $549 price in the collective funding on Kickstarter campaign, and the first units should reach their users in October. You can be more precise 3D printers on the market, but small – and why not, not so small–may become real objects smoothly 2D creations.