Dress Kinematics Tea So You Can Print and Give The Movement That You Want

The technology that lies behind the 3D printing advances apace while we continue with the same doubts about if finally reach particular work tables.

Meanwhile, printed products in three dimensions will be getting achievements. The dress Kinematics you see above has been recently acquired by the MOMA in New York to show it permanently in your collection. The reason is that having been the first dress, printed in 3D, allows for natural movement.

It consists of thousands of pieces connected but printed as one piece

This garment can be created from a scan of the body of the client, so make sure that it is perfect. In the case of the Kinematics is the process of printing 3D provides the natural movement of the same when we put.

The customization by means of an application it is total, and goes from material movement that wants to get to the picture that we want to have. The dress that the MOMA has acquired consists of more than 2,200 individual parts setted by more than 3,300 items of union. But has not been printed each element individually, but that this division has been created in the design phase to grant the motion and effect that we wanted, and then it has printed in 3D as a single piece of nylon.

3D printing also facilitates that dress you can give a texture, stiffness, or different design in several areas and, despite this, create it only once.

And if you’re a skeptic by nature, here the video demonstration that this costume 3D actually is capable of being flexible.