Doctors Can Print in 3D Elastic Templates for People with Arthritis

3D printers have proven to be a partner in the future of medicine. We have already seen it on a few occasions with the creation of prostheses and parts so committed as a skull. Today he has us see something less committed but quite useful by capabilities offered by both patients and physicians.

A professor at Loughborough University has developed a software that will allow physicians who do not have experience with assisted design tools to create elastic slats for people having Arthritis problems. A very easy to use tool and that it requires no great technical knowledge to use it.

Slats personalized for each patient

The process begins by scanning the arm of the patient in a certain position. According to this digitized information the software create a 3D model of the Tablet you would have to use that person specifically. In the next step the physician is in charge of customize it according to the needs of each patient.

Customization goes far beyond the colors or patterns, but to create tablets that are more comfortable for patients. As you can see in the photos the design is very simple and taking into account that now other more elastic and rigid materials can be printed there are enough possibilities to create models that are not cut to the first Exchange.

Another advantage, and this will know it very well those who have led such splints, is that it will prevent heat and sweat that causes to carry conventional models. Which are cheaper or more expensive is another issue that remains to be seen, but its creators say that they are working on how design a production that is efficiently economic model.

Therefore, don’t expect your doctor to prescribe you one of these splints 3D the next time that you go with wrist, hand or forearm problems. We will still have to keep track of everything related to medicine and 3D printers because there is more progress.