Dell Color MFP E525w in the Detailed Test

The color laser multifunction device Dell Color MFP E525w should be installed in a snap and cloud bring services. The test hooks.

This is new: The color laser multifunction device Dell Color MFP E525w brings commissioning an Easy Installer with. He turns to the installation process: First, the combi printer is either via USB connected or Ethernet to the computer. Then put the CD into the drive. After the connection type has been detected, the installation routine will run automatically. If you do not want it, first insert the CD and select Main Menu. Here, the connection type can be selected manually. Below is the WLAN connection.

In the test we noticed this positively

The Dell Color MFP E525w dominated both PCL 6 and PS 3. Both drivers variants land during the installation simultaneously on the computer. This makes it easy to switch between PCL and Postscript. Dell has expanded its mobile printing capabilities: with the Dell Document app, there is a small application for printing and scanning from the tablet or smartphone. Also supports E525w Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and the manufacturer’s own cloud service Dell Document stroke at which the user must, however, register. Also the management of the color laser multifunction device has become easier. Under the designation Dell Printer Hub, we have access to the essential functions and are notified when an update of the firmware is pending. At the same time, the access to the Document Hub from the computer also works.

In addition to the basic functions of printing, scanning and copying, the multifunction device can also fax. In the automatic document feeder, a maximum of 15 sheets fit – this is somewhat narrow. Also the paper cassette offers up to 150 sheets not excessive space. Besides drivers for Windows and Mac OS, there are also Linux distributions – that is not self-evident. On the device itself, the clear control panel facilitates handling. However, a font display must suffice – we have no longer quite modern. A pity is also that the Dell Color MFP E525w waived an automatic duplex printing. However, there is a manual guide in the drivers. In this class, however, the function is rarely safe printing. This allows documents to be protected with a password and shared with a user PIN.

Quality and speed in printing, scanning and copying

The strength of the Dell Color MFP E525w is in the text print. Here we get sharp-pointed letters, which also withstand the sharp eye of our high-resolution camera. The application is good and can also be fine-tuned thanks to a three-stage toner cartridge.The color print is slightly dark overall, even if the coloring remains harmonious. Plus: The analysis results in a high color gamut – only a few multifunctional devices of this class can be created. The scan unit produces slightly exaggerated reds and blues in the test, but provides a decent sharpness. The copies in grayscale look good, color copies are too bright for it. This is at the expense of details. In work, the Dell E525w usually achieves medium results. In the printout of a text page from the energy saving mode, we measure 38 seconds – there are faster multifunctional devices. If it is warm, we measure 12 seconds – a decent time. The values ​​in scanning also move in the middle. This shows, for example, 11 seconds for the preview or 15 seconds for a color scan.

The moderate side prices are positive

The drum and fuser unit of the Dell Color MFP E525w is designed to last a lifetime. This helps the color laser multifunctional device at low side rates, when we use the post-toner. Here we come to 2.6 cents for the black and 12 cents for the colored leaf. The scope of delivery includes only starter toner with a range of 700 pages per color. Electricity consumption is also comparatively low. But not the working noise: With a good 18 Sone in operation the Dell E525w works well audible. To do this, the device switches to 1.3 sone at idle and is therefore louder than many competitors.

Conclusion: reliable office worker with cloud access

The Dell Color MFP E525w multifunction device is perfect for a workplace in the home office or a small workgroup. With more than three users the paper supply is probably too fast. There are also missing important functions such as automatic duplex printing. In turn, the follow-up costs speak for users who print and copy a lot. You may also appreciate the manufacturer’s cloud services. However, these are probably not a primary argument in pure office use. Perhaps it is more likely that document access is encrypted. Overall, the Dell model comes at a very good price-performance ratio.


Dell Color MFP E525w

Speed ​​(30%)


Quality (30%)


Consumption (15%)


Handling (10%)


Features (10%)


Service (5%)



(Dell Document Hub, Apps, Wi-Fi Direct)


Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Price-performance ratio

very cheap


Dell Color MFP E525w (Rating: 2.74)












USB host



3 Auxiliary programs

Drivers: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / Linux / Mac OS / Unix

Yes / yes / yes / yes / yes / yes / no

Faxing without PC possible




Dell Color MFP E525w (Rating: 3.36)

Print (b / w): 1 page text / 20 pages text / 12 pages PDF

0:12 / 1:23 / 0:58 minutes

Print (color): 12 pages PDF / 1 page graphic / A4 photo

1:24 / 0:18 / 2:02 minutes

Scan: Color / Text / Preview / Grayscale

0:15 / 0:12 / 0:11 / 0:12 minutes

Copy (b / w): 5 pages / 1 page

0:43 / 0:27 minutes

Copy (color): 1 page

0:30 minutes


Dell Color MFP E525w (Rating: 2.52)

Side cost black / color

2.6 / 12.0 cents

Starter toner cartridges for black / color

700/700 pages

Price of the B / W toner in the purchase

52,00 Euro

Price Farbtoner in the Nachkauf

168,00 Euro

Range SW toner in the additional purchase


Price Farbtoner in the Nachkauf


Power consumption: off

0.0 watts

Power consumption: Energy saving mode

3.2 watts

Power consumption: Operation

280 watts

Energy saving according to

Blue Angel, Energy Star





Dell Color MFP E525w

Test category

Multifunctional (color laser)

Multifunction device manufacturer


Internet address of Dell

our site

Price (suggested retail price)

332 euros

Dell’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s warranty

12 months


Dell Color MFP E525w


Print (b / w): text / graphics / A4 photo

Good / kind / good

Print (color): PDF / Graphic / A4 photo

well well well

Printing: Color fidelity / letter sharpness

15 out of 24 / sharp

Scanning: Total impression / picture sharpness

Good / sharp

Scanning – hits: colorless / too light / too dark

3/6 /

Scanning – Color Stitch: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow


Copy: b / w / color

Good / satisfying


Software: Printer / Scanner

easy easy

Operation: Control panel / change toner cartridges / toner and developer separately / required space / processing / paper transport / max.Paper stock

Simple / very simple / yes / 3997 cm² / good / easy / 150

Operating noise: Idle

1.3 Sone

Operating noise: Operation

18.1 Sone

Printable media: Banner






maximum paper weight

163 g / qm²





photo paper


Borderless printing




Manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

Yes Yes Yes Yes