Cube 3, a 3D Printer to Have at Home

Printing from mobile devices and a price below $1,000. That is more “consumer” business of the new company 3D Systems 3D printer card.

The new Cube 3 It is the third generation of one of the most important printers at the domestic level. To facilitate its entry into the home design has been modified and has become fairly compact (weighs less than 8 kg), as well as provide it with of security measures to prevent burns or accidents with the smaller House, surely are very attracted by that object capable of printing real objects.

Control of the printer can be done via a touch screen through an interface that is more intuitive by manufacturer, with LED lights to indicate the status of the print, as well as connectivity WiFi and Bluetooth that allows in combination with a new mobile application, the sending files to print from a smartphone or tablet under iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

More technical, this Cube 3 is capable of print at the same time and in two different materials with different colors, ABS and PLA. The range to choose from already consists of 25 different cartridges, the maximum thickness of each layer is 75 microns, and the object can be a maximum of 152 mm x 152 mm x 152 mm. Each cartridge give us for 14 objects.