Creator, Printing 3D Chocolate Choc

I suppose that many will be aware of the 3D printers, machines that create three-dimensional structures from printing in the space with plastic materials, but not be had passed us by head change polymers by chocolate.

CHOC Creator, It is the “printer name” Choc Edge people prepared, and is expected to be the first commercial product of these characteristics. Let’s take a look of what is capable:

As you have seen, there are no molds that are worth. Initially works as a conventional printer, on a plane, but then it goes creating layers with chocolate in a manner similar to that we have seen with other 3D printers, taking into account that the impression material properties are quite different.

To begin your marketing, CHOC Creator will be offered to ten bidders in a demonstration and test program with ten models, which will be carried out through eBay, starting tomorrow April 10.

CHOC Edge is also accepting reservations for the product, with discounts on the final price, which incidentally is quite high: 4,600 dollars (4,000 in reserve).