Cornucopia, Food Printer That MIT Wants to Popularize

Two engineers of the Fluid Interfaces Group Media Lab – part of the prestigious MIT – have presented the Cornucopia project, a “personal food factory” that allows to print food from various ingredients.

By the time the printer is in the proof of concept phase, and the idea would be the store ingredients both unrefrigerated as refrigerated. A from there mixtures would be carried out, cooking layers with this mixture, and “printing them” a banding in serving the result.
The ingredients are stored in small tanks with which is van filling the “mixing Chambers” with adequate amounts. These mixtures are that are generating the layers as at the same time they are cooking (heating or cooling) with small tubes attached to the printer head.

This printer has according to its interesting developers advantages such as the possibility of creating textures and new flavors, as well as to control the nutritional value, quality and flavors. And all through a touch interface or web connectivity that makes it possible to control parameters such as the carbohydrates, fats or calories each dish.