Cooking and “Print” Our Food Is Innovation Than We Expected in 3D Printing

The 3D printing It is a technology that has matured in an impressive way, is no longer that far technology always in development aiming to be used by our children or grandchildren, although it should be noted that it is not all present on the market of end users. However their applications are only a small part of their potential and scope.

To this day we have already seen as 3D printing is present in prosthesis, shoes, medicines, and even cars and even buildings, but curiously has not done his debut, not at least with a serious, within the culinary arts project, therefore the project that we will see below is an attractive light at the end of the tunnel, since we would be to the first created 3D printer for cooking and design food.

Print 3D up to in the kitchen

Outside of that design for gominolas printer and other more dedicated to create pancakes, We have not seen 3D printers capable of creating food, This happens mainly because the material is difficult to adapt to a capsule, that is prone to an expiration date and need to Cook, so the first designs focused on non-perishable materials.

Now, thanks to a project of the University of Columbia in New York are facing a printer 3D ensure could Cook food and “print” them to offer an attractive presentation, this in order to have a decrease in food waste Since only the necessary amount, would be printed that it would take a nutritional management to print only the necessary layers.

The international culinary Center (ICC) and mechanical engineers of the same Columbia University collaborate in the project. The operation of the printer is based on a mixture of ingredients that are located in up to eight cartridges, which are a kind of frozen puree; Here the printer will be able to thaw the product, mix and make the design that was created from a special software.

The bad news is just it’s a project with you look to be launched in 2020, This costs decreases since today create a device of this type is financially unviable, however its creators are convinced that this may be the future of food and above all of the restaurants, where to this day the waste is something worrying.