Colored or Black and White Printer?

Colored or Black and White Printer

Among the many options of models, brands and solutions in printing, there are printing equipment that work with colored ink and those that use grayscale. Do you know which one is best for you and your company? Which one is best suited for your print demand? Besides colors, what are the differences between these two printer types? Check below the specifications of each print model and identify the best for your work:

Color Multifunction Printer or Multifunction Printer

The color printing is more suitable for parts that require rich in detail and shades that are paramount. This is the case with maps, spreadsheets and images. This is the most expensive type of print, but it is worth it in cases where color is critical to the presentation of the work.

Printer or Multifunction Monochrome

The black and white print is more economical and is indicated for reports, texts, sketches, some document types and simpler jobs. For those who want to combine economy with print quality, some printer models have the grayscale function.

Grayscale printing is capable of printing images with good definition, but at a lower cost. Photographs, illustrations and drawings can be printed on this model which, although lacking color, has a good wealth of detail. Official black and white documents can also be printed in grayscale, guaranteeing quality to the piece.

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