Canon Launches SELPHY ES3 & ES30 Photo Printers

The Selphy ES3 and ES30 of Canon print your photos in format 10 x 15. The first also includes 1 GB of memory.

Canon Launches SELPHY ES3 & ES30 Photo Printers

Summer ends, and the beach of the CP770 bucket look is out of season. Canon designers have therefore put shovels and rakes to return to look wiser, closer to the ESx Selphy, retaining however the handle, always practice to carry the machine. In September 2008, the Japanese company launched so two new printers photo 10 x 15 to sublimation, the Selphy ES3 and ES30.
The two machines are very similar: they have the same technologies of printing and the same resolution – 300 x 600 dpi – and are animated by the same image processor Digic II, chip once dedicated to the Japanese brand cameras and recycled for the occasion on these printers, it is today to Digic IV SLR (Find full meanings of SLR, visit and Digic III on compact cameras. The only two differences between these two babies, apart from the price, are that model high-end – the ES3 – take 1 GB memory built-in and that it has a screen of 8.9 cm diagonal, more comfortable than the’re-30, which is ‘only’ 7.6 cm.
Both models print so the photos to the “postcard” (14.8 cm x 10 cm) format and the format “card” (8.6 x 5.4 cm) and have a very full memory card reader. And, if they are intended to be self-sufficient, they may as well be connected to a PC through the USB port. Wireless side, the two Stooges use Wi – Fi and Bluetooth, but only with the appropriate adapters. If to some might complain of this change on the standard models, the most fuel-efficient will appreciate not having to pay for an option which is, anyway, even a bit exotic and not necessarily paramount.

If Canon has changed its printers, the Japanese brand either ignored consumables, which are, for once, sacred importance in terms of quality and durability of printed photographs. Thanks to a new – magic formula? -These are guaranteed 100 years against the weakening of the colors and the traces of fingers. Only the turtles of the Galapagos can testify, a century later, the veracity of this announcement, but it’s always good that Canon improves the quality of the material.

For the stylish and creative, Canon has even designed a special print packs, in which a fourth “color” has been added: gold or silver. These packs, meets the sweet nomsde EP – 20G (gold) and EP – 20 S (Silver), sold 21 euros, contain 20 sheets and special ink cartridge and will superimpose patterns – executives, stars, etc. – on your photos. Pretty cool for the kids – it brightens up the birthday pictures-, stoiciens rigorists will settle them, basic, EP-50 and EP-100 packs which contain, logically, respectively 50 and 100 sheets for 16 and 29 euros.

These two printers will arrive in our lovely country around the end of September, at the price of 229 euros for the ES-3 and 169 euros for the’re-30.