Calendars for Office and Home

Here you will find everything in calendars, both for the home, the institution and the company.

On this page you will find calendars to the walls of the company, both as year’s calendars, daily calendars, monthly calendars and week calendars. For the home you will find nice and child friendly family calendars, which makes it possible to keep track of all the family members’ plans. For the kids there are lots of great wall calendars with, among other things. Horses, dogs, football and much more, which is an easy and decorative way to get calendar into the children’s room.

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The classic spiral calendars are also to be found on the page that makes it easy to keep track of all the agreements by the day. For the businessman, there is the slightly finer bound calendars in fur style full of had with out to customers.

Regardless of gender, interests and personal style, you can find a calendar that fits exactly you among the great selection.

Keep easy track of all the agreements, dental times, dinner appointments and family outings with a convenient calendar from Maylands huge selection.

For the company, see the great wall calendar that makes it easy to mark birthdays, anniversaries, company lunches and everything else what there may be a need to keep track of at the company. For individuals, there are the more practical calendars in folding versions, which easily provides an overview and the day’s chores, appointments etc.