Autodesk Wants to Put Order in The Printing 3D

Autodesk, one of the Kings of the 3D modeling, not willing to that 3D printers fever caught him clueless and has already announced an expected step: have your own 3D printer. The company, after the early stages of this new trend, has decided that now is the perfect time to enter the scene.

The proposal of Autodesk will be double. The basis of his initiative is called Spark, a platform software open and focused exclusively on the design and management of 3D models for use in printers. Autodesk wants this platform to be the standard for manufacturers and developers, and that will offer it free to achieve their implementation in an industry where 3D printing will be each day more present different scales.

The second pillar of Spark will be an own printer but that will give all the details (design, construction, functioning…) so anyone can develop their own models from it or experience in order to broaden the scope of materials or elements that may form part of a system of 3D printing.