Are You Looking for an Office Building? Print It in 3D

Time passes and 3D printing continues to advance to lands that no one imagined. Intended initially as technology substitute for the creation of tools, has already become a part of disciplines such as medicine, education, security, entertainment and recently within the field of construction.

The latter is where now continues to evolve, because a few weeks ago, we saw as it will be able to build a bridge, but it will now be in charge of the manufacture of all office building, in where? of course, in the land of the future, Dubai.

From the structure, Interior and furniture, all printed in 3D

Under a project of the company Global WinSun, Dubai is announced that in the coming months, they will start with the construction of the first building in the country built in its entirety thanks to 3D printing. We are not in the first project of this kind, since WinSun earlier other construction in China and other cities, besides that they work together with major firms of architects, who work together for the creation of building materials.

This building will have an area of more than 600 square meters, a height of 6 meters and the construction process will consist in a great printer 6 meters, to be settled over the area where the building will be. Among the materials that will use the printer, we have special armoured concrete (SRC), reinforced plastic (FRP) and glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GRG), all this will serve for manufacturing different decorative and structural components of the building.

The advantages to constructions of this type are the drastic reducing costs by up to 80%, the carrying construction time is weeks and not years. But without doubt the most attractive, is that durability and life time, is even higher than the usual constructions, maintenance is much cheaper.

At the end of the building, said building It will be used for offices, In addition to that will have space to accommodate a small showroom, where to show the advantages of printed buildings in 3D. This project is just a first test, because later on this year, the Museum of the future in Dubai will be the ultimate test, as similarly will support 3D printing.