Another Groundbreaking Segment for 3D Printers: Glasses Frames

Not just materialize in a market that appears to be in a permanent state of alert on the possibilities offered by this technology, but the truth is that the potential practical applications of the 3D printers they are proving to be the most versatile. The latest example comes from a company that is dedicated to create eyewear frames making use of designs for 3D printers.

A company called Monkey Eyewear wants to just put a dent in this industry with the introduction of a system that not only allows you to customize the layout of the frame – currently have five styles available – but adjust the maximum dimensions the mount through three parameters with three different sizes (S, M, and L) that allow adaptation to our face is perfect.

Among the advantages of this type of production, say its creators, is the fact that it is not wasted so much material as in the manufacture of conventional mounts, and all the mount is manufactured in one piece, being unnecessary use of all parts of a normal glass that just make it more likely any of them fails.

The design of these mounts also highlights the shape of the pins, which are flexible to be adapted to the face and which can also be fitted as if we plegásemos a normal glass pins. The setting of the crystals is also very simple – in the current design those crystals are round – and precisely there is another advantage of this development: We can convert sunglasses in sunglasses, for example, exchanging the crystals at anytime. A singular idea which again shows us the capability of 3D printers.