An Etch a Sketch Made with a 3D Printer

Now that we already can almost touch with hands the weekend is a good time to look for a project to do. We could manufacture our own etch a sketch with a 3D printer, so if you have one at home or you can ask to print you parts, the truth is that it can be more than fun, especially if you have young children.

All parts are available on Thingiverse, so we will just need to manufacture them, a pen and a few leaves of colors to test our skills. Oh, and we will be able to draw curved lines if we are crafty, something that we could do with the original etch a sketch or wanting to.

The system is ready to manufacture and assemble, and ZIP is included in the file to a PDF with instructions and some tracks. The etch a sketch is inspired by the printer Prusa, and it is not faithful to the original, since if I remember correctly this was based on a system of pulleys to drag the tip drawing on the screen.

The design is Ferjerez, a Spanish which, thanks to designs like this, a good number of followers has earned on Thingiverse, so I recommend you to follow him to see what surprises bring us in the future.