Amazon Launches Its Own Store of Customizable Printed 3D Objects

Amazon gives the jump to 3D printing. In particular, e-commerce giant has just announce the creation of its own store of 3d products, which already has its own category on its website. They have called 3D Printing Store and the idea is that anyone can choose the products that are listed there, customized to your tastes. The different categories of products offered include accessories, toys and furnishing.

For example, and as you can see in the image, the user can design your own plastic card holder indicate color, text and logo. There are dolls (which can choose its appearance), puzzles and even twins with custom initials. In total, more than 200 “on-demand” printing products, as explained from Amazon.

For now, that if, do not allow that it is customer who raise their own designs. Know if this is in the plans of the company for the future. That Yes: from Spain, and as it is usual in everything Announces Amazon on the other side of the Atlantic, will have to wait because these objects are not sent to our country. If it works well in the United States it would not be surprising that we would soon see this same store elsewhere in international Amazon stores.