A Spanish Cancer Patient Receives The First Ribs of The World Printed in 3D

3D printing is being one of the greatest technological advances of recent times. In recent years we have seen how has begun to apply all kinds of purposes, from for the printing of clothes even for the arms through all kinds of technological devices, although one of the fields where truth is going strong is in the medicine.

The last major medical advance thanks to 3D printers have been in fact in our country, where a team from the University of Salamanca Hospital He managed to transplant successfully for the first time in the world a breastbone and some printed ribs to a pacienteque had suffered a sarcoma on the chest wall.

Printers against cancer

The 54-year-old patient had a sarcoma, a type of tumor that grows – in this case in the chest – and that had spread along the sternum and the ribs. To get out their surgeons had had to also remove that part of your skeleton, something which is normally supplemented by inserting a titanium plate to strengthen the place.

But thanks to the technology of printing in three dimensions can now be implants specially designed and adapted for each person and situation. Why the University of Hospital Salamanca contacted the Australian medical company Anatòmics for create a customizable titanium implant that he could replicate the structure of the sternum and ribs.

This company used a CT scanner for analyze and recreate the patient’s chest and the amount of wall that had to be recreated, and Australians-with which ended the work created a 3D model that was then sent to print to the laboratory Lab 22 of the CSIRO, which boasts a powerful and expensive metal printer – costs about $ 1.3 million.

Once finished and polished the metal piece returned to Salamanca, where It was implemented successfully in the convalescent. Two weeks after this man is making satisfactory progress, with what 3D printers have become to show us everything you can already do for us, and already allow us to get an idea of everything what can continue to do now.