A Robotic Arm and a 3D Printer Together for Printing with More Freedom

If we think of how a 3D printer is built the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a big box. In it, we put the piece of material that will later become what you want thanks to the mechanical components that is responsible for sculpting.

A group of researchers has decided to go further and, as they say in English, out of the box. Literally, because they have managed to combine the creative power of a 3D printer with an element of precision that we already knew: the robotic arms.

This synergy, they have managed to create an arm that is capable of printing on material with the advantage that can move with complete freedom through the material. In this way, it will reduce the time and also gain in precision.

An interesting project, especially because it shows us another way of making 3D printing. Perhaps this is not the future for domestic use, as other companies such as Makerbot, but for industrial seems a very attractive possibility.