A Half-Naked 3D Version of Ourselves? with The 3D Printing (Almost) Everything Is Possible

We’ve already talked about that 3D printing has been opening a world of infinite possibilities, its use goes from medical applications, to entertainment, through to Titanic and incredible projects. But now we see that happened to someone give one more recreational use, where by the way is You can feed the ego of persons.

The British shop Firebox has launched a new and strange service, that offers us the possibility of having our face in a half-naked body of a printed figurine 3D. Yes, it is real, and those in charge of the project have already mentioned that a little more than 24 hours of launching the service, are in demand of almost 200,000 3D figurines, so he paints to be a success.

For the narcissistic all of us

The service is called Nudee and its creators mention that you it’s the ultimate accessory narcissistic, which could serve both for a gift, to have it on our desktops, though the truth not imagine an office that is able to receive us with tremendous surprise.

The service will offer us the option to choose between six types of bodies, three male and three female, covering builds thin, muscular and curvaceous, besides that you can choose the skin tone. Here only we are asked to send a selfie front and a profile, and so they will face digitized and printed it in the body that we have chosen.

After sending our selfies, we received in a period of four weeks a figure in almost 20 cm high plastic, the price is $213, and unfortunately (or fortunately) service is only available for the United Kingdom. Must be clarified (if not had realized) that the figures will be our real body, the options are the same for all models, the only variant is the face, which becomes a sort of printed selfie in 3D, but with a body that gives value to a certain extent comical and fun.

The idea of having a small figure of plastic of ourselves is not new, since there are specialized sites that we can transform into action figures, but is inspired in us updates, so Nudee is the first service that offers a digital figure based on our appearance, at the moment it only the face.