A Figure to Our Image and Likeness Thanks to Kinect and 3D Printer

From time to time I take any photographic shop in plan study where showcase announced that make ourselves 3D figurines. A mini me of resin and plastic, for some, has become a curious gift. Now, we can do it at home.

Shapify is a service that, using Kinect, It allows us to record our body in a 3D model to later send it to this shop, which printed us a copy of the model and send us home. Of course, has a price but we have the tools to create the model.

All we need is a computer and the Xbox 360 Kinect at the moment seems that cannot be used on Xbox One. Then, we put ourselves in front of the sensor with the application open, make a pose and we will turn 45 degrees with the same pose until the shaft.

Done, the 3D model will appear to us so that we will see what such has been. After the file is sent to shop and the figurine will us. As you might expect, we can’t do a copy of that file to print it on our own in another 3D printer.

Although the idea is good and original, so you can see in the images, seems yet he has enough development because the quality of facial faces is quite improved.