A Dutch Hospital Implanted The First Printed Plastic Skull 3D

The University Hospital of Utrecht has achieved successfully implement a plastic skull manufactured by a 3D printer to a 22-year-old patient, being the first operation of this type of history.

The skull of the woman was becoming more and more crueso, passing of a normal skull 1.5 cm to 5 cm of thickness that was coming to have his. That was that your brain is comprimiese increasingly and that had critical risks to the health of the young.
The medical team decided to replace the skull with a 3D printed model, something that, according to the medical team, “allowed us to manufacture one of the exact size. “This not only has cosmetic advantages, but also the brain function of patients recover better than the old method”.

Although on other occasions there has been implant related to this type of medical problems, It is the first time that a complete skull is replaced. The operation took place three months ago, but only now details have been known. The patient, say makers of the medical team, has returned to work and has not filed more symptoms.