A Copier from Real Objects? The Blacksmith Genesis Is The Closest Thing That There Is

For the creators of the Blacksmith Genesis, 3D printing is a major bottleneck: create the object that we want to play. It is true that there are 3D scanners, but they have gone a step further and have been launched to raise funds (whether they have succeeded) to put on the market a solution to close. The closest thing to a photocopier of objects in three dimensions that there is.

The Blacksmith Genesis has been able to raise the Union of scanner and 3D printing in a single compact equipment. His contribution is on the rotating platform which serves at the same time to scan the object to replicate and print without having the extruder to make too many displacements in three dimensions.

Printer does not print largest market area but is which better leverages its size to do so. With the help of a built-in 2-inch screen could send to print an object directly from a SD memory, which should have a maximum height of 23 cm, so its focus is clearly domestic.

Another additive that can like enough is the camera that allows the machine to detect errors in printing, While consumers can see and even manage remote printing. If at any time you want to stop printing, since an application for smartphones would be enough.

The Blacksmith Genesis, which can be from $1,200, You should begin to be sent to their new owners from the month of April.