A 3D Printer That Works with Thread and Needle to Sew Soft Objects

If you have had an object created with a 3D printer, fast will have given us that they are very rigid. It is a property that links to everything what comes out of these gadgets. They are hard, at times even fragile, but they are never soft or flexible. There are people who have become aware of this and they are already working on alternatives to bring us these properties that do not have at the moment.

Last month in Toronto was presented the first 3D printer capable of printing soft objects. More specifically a teddy bear although, according to its creators, want to be a tool that is able to print electronic devices also. Something very useful for who are investigating to incorporate them into clothes.

Printing in a different way

This printer works with melted plastic and head is modified to work with a threaded needle and you can work doing different layers as if it were a work of sewing. A different approach to models of meshes using the 3D printers to introduce geometric patterns and get this rigidity that we talked about at the beginning.

This is only a first step because they want that their 3D printer will also print on other objects and introduce electronic components without compromising the structure of the original object. This would be a great utility for printing circuits on the garment for example.

You will have to follow this project closely and see if it finally takes the step to get to business models. To this day, I’m pretty skeptical with the application of 3D printers to the day of one person either. You can print objects of all kinds, Yes, but its rigidity makes often not useful if same unless we want to create something from a pile of parts.