A 3D of Concrete in Your Home Printer? It Is Possible to

3D printing is one of the great revolutions of our century. Parts of plastic, food, or other materials are ready to serve us from three-dimensional “ink” and thus create the most varied objects. But we also serve when printing whole houses with concrete. We discussed it on several occasions in Xataka Smart Home as in this entry, but the novelty is that we can also make a homemade 3D printer for small jobs in concrete and repairs.

That is precisely what he has done Andrey Rudenko, a printer that allows you to make concrete in the garage of his house.

Andrey printer is based on the RepRap project and controlled by Pronterface, thanks to an Arduino Mega 2560. How to move the print head is not easy, Andrey has used engines NEMA34 and a driver open source THB6064AH. Although the technique is complicated, probably the most difficult part has been to achieve a concrete mix sufficiently strong and viscose to allow you to print with it.

With all its printer can print in 20mm wide and 5 mm high, enough to print material layers which can then compose complex pieces of concrete. Audrey has designed a castle for their children and want to print all the parts with the printer. Certainly an interesting project and that it opens the door to make projects more of importance than a castle for children, but without having to go to large printers like which they mentioned in previous articles.