5 Valuable Tips on Printer Maintenance and Cleaning

5 Valuable Tips on Printer Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping the printers clean and up-to-date can do some work, right?

Some simple precautions can help you increase the life of your business equipment and also reduce costs by fixing troublesome printers.

Periodic maintenance and cleaning plays a very important role in this.

So we’ve sorted out 5 valuable printer maintenance and cleaning tips you need to know!

Follow it.

1. Clean the print head with a cotton swab

Cleaning the ink cartridges of printers is a simple task that can be done within the company itself.

After turning off the printer, remove the cartridges and wipe the cartridge contact area with a dry cotton swab.

Do not touch the print cart or the coding belt as this may damage these parts.

This can be a good starting point if the printer is spilling too much ink on the prints.

2. Clean the nozzles with isopropyl alcohol

With prolonged use or lack of use, the printer’s ink nozzles may clog.

It is extremely normal for this to happen and cleaning is super simple.

Remove the cartridges from the print cart and clean the ink nozzles with cotton swabbed in isopropyl alcohol.

3. Use a dry cloth for external cleaning

The famous”damp cloth” does not work at these times.

The best alternative to cleaning the outside of printers is a dry cloth, the known”perfex”.

The vast majority of printer failures are linked to dirt, dust, and lack of maintenance.

Do not forget that!

4. Do not use vacuum cleaners or brushes

It may look more comfortable, but vacuum cleaners and brushes are not suitable for cleaning printers.

The vacuum cleaners do not remove the dirt, they just change it in place.

Even when aspirated, the air pressure can be harmful to the device and much of the dirt can remain inside the device, since mobility is impaired.

Brushes, on the other hand, come in several corners, but leave bristles there. That is, you are exchanging dirt for more dirt!

5. Use the printer’s own cleaning command

Most printers have an internal cleaning command.

It’s a hand on the wheel to make the device easy to set up without having to disassemble the printer or even get up from your desk!

This function allows the printer to check the main components(such as print head, nozzles, and cartridges).

Super practical, is not it?

Keeping your company’s printers clean and running means spending less time and money on repairs.

And that’s great!

With these simple tips you can increase the life of printers and ensure their correct operation.

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