5 Tips to Save Your Colorful Toner

5 valuable tips to save your color toner and spend less on prints

5 Tips to Save Your Colorful Toner

Cartridge and toner prices are becoming increasingly affordable, but that does not mean that printing color files is cheap. So we’ve separated some tips for spending less ink when it comes to printing colorful documents and saving money! Check out:

1. Set up your printer in economy mode

If the document allows, it is worthwhile to print it this way. The result is a bit lighter text, but it saves a lot of ink(or toner). On average, you’ll save up to 3-5 pages per sheet compared to normal printing.

2. Choose an economical source

Setting up printing for economy mode is not always enough to spend less ink. A great alternative is choosing fonts that do not waste so much paint. For example, fonts with thicker strokes usually spend more ink than fonts with finer strokes.

3. Avoid taking xerox

People who think that taking Xerox spend less ink than printing everything are foolish. Whenever possible, print from the computer using the first few tips. Xerox usually spends 3 times more ink than normal printing.

4. Use the”black and white” mode

If your document does not have color, make sure the”black & white” print mode is enabled. Printers often use the primary tones to fill the black in your image, so it’s important to ensure that your computer is using only one ink cartridge.

5. Print only as needed

If the document is large, look for the pages that contain the content you are looking for. No need to print beyond the required content. Before printing, you can preview the prints before you can avoid waste.

Replacing paper printing with PDF documents can also be a great alternative to sharing with others in digital format.

Now you can start printing your documents at home without fear! Just follow these tips and you’ll see how much you will save with ink cartridges and toners.

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