5 Tips on How to Increase Printer Life

5 Tips on How to Increase Printer Life

Keeping printers running at full steam is always a challenge, is not it?

The constant use by diverse sectors of the company demands a lot of the machines and to ensure that all are operating correctly is indispensable.

But how to increase the life of the printer?

We’ve separated 5 valuable tips for you to increase the life of your company’s printers! Prepared? Follow it.

1. Use quality paper

The quality of the paper is related to two main points: the quality of the print and the dirt left in the printer.

There are several types of paper: recycled, multipurpose, enamelled.

The cost difference between a low quality paper and a high quality paper is very low, and you will reap the benefits of that choice over time.

Less dirt on the printer means less expense for cleaning and maintenance, and print quality is directly related to toner and cartridge wear.

2. Turn off the printer before unplugging the power

Printers are electronic equipment, so cuts and power surges are harmful to it as to any other device.

To avoid any such problems, turn the printer off before removing the power cord.

Thus, it will not be consuming a considerable amount of energy, and spikes will be avoided.

3. Do not load excess paper

Paper stuck in the tray: is there something more common?

Whenever something prevents proper operation of the print tray, some component(such as the tractor, for example) is forced and this may result in an unexpected defect.

Try to put in a reasonable amount of paper. This will prevent future problems with paper jammed in the tray.

4. Choose the right printer for what you need

There are several types of printers on the market.

But there is no more important factor to increase the life of the printers than to choose the right one for your application.

The amount of daily prints, whether color or monochrome, whether or not it will be connected to the network, all these factors influence the durability of the printer.

So, look for options that fit the needs of your business.

5. Periodic maintenance and cleaning

The saying goes that prevention is always better than cure.

Cleaning the printer constantly is the best way to avoid future problems.

Also, always try to carry out the periodic maintenance indicated by the manufacturer, both in a technical service and with an internal technician.

So you have a great chance of increasing the life of your company’s printers!

Printers working properly in the company is important for all processes to work as planned.

Apply our tips in your day to day to increase the life of the machines!

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