3D Printers to Produce a Curious House Called Landscape House

The theme of the 3D printers, capable of producing objects from computer-generated models, has gone from being something very crazy and futuristic to one of the themes will more give than to talk about during this year and the following. And today, we are again talking about homes built with these machines.

Last August we saw here the idea of a professor at the University of California who gambled on these new systems when building form completely custom homes fast and cheap, ensuring that results could be achieved in few hours or days. Wouldn’t be that, a proposal, but Janjaap Rujssenaars, a Dutch architect, has presented a very concrete housing project which aims to have ready by the end of next year.

Under the name of Landscape House, Rujssenaars will use printers 3D)D-Shape in this case) for block 6 x 9 meters in a special concrete that will be subsequently assembled to form one piece. Level design is also surprising, since it aims to take the form of a Moebius Strip.

The question is, how long take to have domestic 3D printers not too astronomical prices that will allow us to manufacture anything? It would be ideal that, after pressing a couple of buttons on a panel in our kitchen, we could get a hamburger at the all ready to be consumed.