3D Printers for That Blind Shape Mona Lisa Also May Look at It

The benefits of the 3D printers they keep getting surprised by its enormous versatility, and if in the past we have seen applications in the field of technology or health, now also possible apply those benefits to the world of art.

It is what they are trying to make those responsible for The Unseen Art Project, an initiative that seeks to provide accessibility to the art using 3D printing technology to create replicas in three dimensions It can be touched to be enjoyed mostly by blind people that understand the magnitude of these works is very complicated.

Marc Dillon, a designer of Helsinki which is involved in the project, explained that “there are many people in the world who have heard of the classical works of art all his life but have not had the ability to see them”. Project initiated by these designers are trying to raise funds on Indiegogo to create a repository in which the artists they can contribute with 3D models of works of art anyone can then print.

This type of project could do that effectively all the blind people could enjoy works that otherwise can hardly understand. The Mona Lisa, printed in 3D is a good example of what is possible to achieve with an initiative returns to a surprising way, mixing art with technology.