3D Printers Can Be Profitable in a Year

It is one of the most promising technologies in the short term. If not which more. The 3D printers they have begun to show its possibilities, but today many are wondering if the investment – for now, high – in this type of solution is actually profitable.

It is the question to which try to answer those responsible for a study at Michigan Technical University in which using “conservative” figures They noted that in a home about $2,000 can be saved a year printing objects of common use with these devices.
One of the teachers of the Department of materials and MTU Engineering stated that “you can do exactly what you want. That’s the real power of the 3D printers. You can create things custom by prices that are below what you would cost by manufacturers in China”.

The study took into account both the cost of shipping such as rates, but in addition also saw a 20% rate of errors in printing that would imply to reprint the 3D model. Even with the cost of components and polymers used in a 3D printer, saving was clear.