3D Printers Are Also Capable of Producing Medicines, The FDA Gives Approval

3D printing continues to show his versatility in all kinds of areas, and if we had seen impressive advances such as the production of kidneys or hearts now begin to take shape these machines uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

The FDA has approved the production in 3D printers of a medicine for epilepsy called Spritam. It is the first time that this body that regulates this industry in the United States allows a printer to manufacture a medicine ingested by human beings, and could open the door to an especially promising segment for 3D printing.

3D printers used by the company appreciates that it is responsible for developing this medication work identically to traditional models, and makes use of a series of layers with powders that are conforming pills. Not only that: the composition of this drug makes that dissolves much more quickly than conventional pills, something that makes life easier for those who have to ingest larger and hard-to-take pill.

Not only that: the company signs that another advantage of this type of production is that it is possible to adjust the dose pills that may be of greater or lesser size according to the patient: the customization of medicaments It would be available to doctors and patients.