3D Printable Boxes and Personalized, The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Maker

Many times the difference between a good and bad one is in the small details. Sometimes we need a box of a certain size to get an Arduino and a battery, or a Raspberry Pi with some peripherals. And we turn to the box that we have more hand, but sometimes we have them to see and want to put everything you want inside, either use huge boxes. And here comes the magic of thingiverse and its configurable models, thanks to which we can have any type of highly customizable and printable 3D box.

With a few steps we can get the box with the dimensions we are looking for. If you have always looked for a box and it has been impossible to get it, you no longer need more.

For those who don’t know, Thingiverse has a few models that can be opened in the Customizer, a section that appears in those elements that we can configure to our liking, and then download them already configured and ready to print. As well, boxes that I comment have the ability to add text, put or remove tops to be left open, set the thickness of the walls, corners rounded,… and, of course, the outside dimensions.

If the results are as good as promises, search boxes for any project that we need is no longer a problem. And with the low cost of more 3D printing materials.