3D Print Canal House, a Building Form in 3D That Wants to Be Part of The Landscape of Amsterdam

What 3D printing each time is more domains is a reality. Without going more away, the other day we saw how it had printed a skull to implant a person who had a malformation. In architecture, despite its large size, it has already taken steps in this direction.

There are several projects underway and is one of the most interesting, for his proposal, sustainable, 3D Print Canal House. In three years they want to build a thirteen-storey building that is not only characterized by have been created with a 3D printer, but it will be one of the most ecological.

Three years to construct a building printed in 3D

Being the first pioneer to arrive, although it is the first may not have the point, but his proposal to create a building with recycled materials, without waste and with cheap transport costs make that our interest will increase. Layer to layer, and the bases are being built.

Hedwig Heinsman, responsible company to carry out this project, criticizing the force construction industry: It is one of the most polluting and inefficient. This building aims to prove that otherwise things can be, and although it may not be replicable for all types of buildings model that can be a reference.

In three weeks, the architects have created a first replica of three meters high to see how would be one of the corners of the building. With a weight of 180 kg, parts will be joining to finish building a 13-storey building. Each block is designed to cement can subsequently be introduced to isolate and also pass the various cables and pipes.

The aim is to carry out this project within a period of three years. Aesthetics, as you can see in the video, to also collect the inheritance of the designs of the buildings and the Dutch culture. Nothing of Gehry or Calatrava, a building which will be in line with the rest of the landscape.