3D BOX UP Printer: Analysis

As we have said in other posts, 3D printers continue to improve in print quality, ease of use and experience for the end user. The 3D printer that we reviewed for the last time on the blog was UP! PLUS2, an evolution of the UP! Plus and left us very good impressions. Now playing go to the top and check the UP Box, a professional range 3D printer but we do not rule for use at home.

Printer 3D BOX UP, specifications

  • The printer measures: (A) 485 x (P) 495 x (520mm A)
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Maximum print volume: (A) 255 x (P) 205 x (205 mm A)
  • Printing material: ABS or PLA
  • Layer thickness: mm 0.10/0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.35/0.40
  • Operating system: Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, Mac
  • Accuracy: ±0. 05mm

UP BOX, quality 3D printer comes in large boxes

Even though the popular proverb says that the essence is sold in small jars, 3D printers come in large boxes. When I opened the door to the Messenger carrying the BOX UP to test gave me a fright. And it is that the dimensions of the printer, as you can see in the specifications, are not small.

Take out of the box the BOX UP requires two people for safety, as the printer has a weight of 20 kg and as I say it is not easy to do so. I had them to manage onland and I recommend you do it between two. When looking for a site to test I chose a corner and put the printer on top of the shipping box, as you can see in the images accompanying the entry.

In addition to your own printer in the box you will find several platforms of print, a roll of ABS and the basic tools for the set-up and configuration of the printer.

3D BOX, configuration and commissioning UP printer

We are going with the printer. Printer UP BOX is a printer that is self-contained in a cube-shaped box. This is really convenient. Loading the roll in his right side, with a top magnetic to facilitate their replacement or substitution, we have the entire system in a closed unit and avoid the typical trouble occurring with the impression material. And being in an environment also have other advantages, such as safety, minor problem with changes of temperature in printing, improves the air thanks to the air filter that incorporates, interior lighting, etc..

Another advantage is that it comes ready to work with it from the first moment. In other tests of printers we talked about time of commissioning. This time is minimal with the printer UP BOX. We just have to choose a suitable place to put it, making sure we have space for the replacement of the material right roll. In the back of the printer is the outlet, that uses an external power supply of generous size and USB input for connecting to the computer.

Once removed protections from within printer, connect the USB cable and the power supply, light it and install the software on your computer. From there simply initialize the printer, which will accompany us with some warning beeps and the platform will rise to approximately half of the tour.

Another advantage of the UP BOX is the simplicity of the settings. Thus, with just pressing such option head measured the height of the platform at various points and then the program will warn us that it will proceed to adjust the height of the extruder. From there the printer will be all ours. You can preheat the platform for 15 minutes, and while loading the material with the option “new spool” already ready for 3D printing. Of course it is easy even for novice users, so from here I congratulate the developers of the BOX UP on the user experience.

In case outside little, also have three buttons in the upper left corner, right next to where the impression material is placed. Thanks to them we can for example to initialize the printer, pause printing, light strips of led internal, etc. without having to go through the printing software. This is really useful for the case that we launch a long print and bring us the computer, since one of the features of the software and this printer is to print part is sent to the printer and from there we can disconnect the computer from the same.

Print speed is around 30% faster than in the UP Plus2

The front door has a glass through which we can go see the printing process. As to be closed we don’t see much, we have two strips of LEDs inside that illuminate quite well the inside of the printer and that you can activate with the third button. If we open the door stops the printing process for safety, but can continue printing from the point where he stopped it with one of the buttons once shut door.

At the top we have user instructions coming us very well to have them handand and remember the most basic options. With a maximum volume of printing (A) 255 x (P) 205 x (205 mm, compared with the (A) A) 140 x (P) 140 x (H) 135 mm of the PLUS2 UP, we can make very large prints. Also help to print speed is around 30% faster.

Also note the good fixation of the printing plates. In fact it is hard to separate the parts of the iron and are grateful that it has been included a scraper into the box to do so. The downside is that it will cost us much more clean parts for new impressions.

3D BOX, printing and software testing UP printer

I have done testing of printing with a computer that has Windows 7 as operating system. Version for Mac software failure has prevented me doing so both OSX 10.11.2 10.7.5, something quite strange because ENTRESD officials told me that they were using OSX without problems. The truth is that nothing more to test printing software closes.

The sound of the printer and the emission of smells are aspects to improve

The printer for Windows software has a good usability. It is easy to increase or decrease the size of the piece to print, as well as place it in the place of the printing plate.

Parts print quality is very good. Note the increase in speed and therefore the reduction of the waiting time until we have already finished printing. One of the things that we liked the led bar on the printing plate which indicate the progress and how much is missing roughly. The logo of the lit UP BOX also provides information on the status of the printer and improves the perception of product quality.

By putting some drawbacks to the printer, to Polish aspects are the sonority of the printing and the emission of odors. Despite being a closed printing environment, both the fan head and printing engines make a considerable noise. The warning chirps, needed for safety on the other hand, are also of a high volume, something to consider if the printing ends at wee hours of the morning.

Despite the fact that the printer has a filter carry, the truth is that it is not advisable to have in a not ventilated so it is something to keep in mind before purchasing a 3D printer. If you count in house with a ventilated and that the noise does not disturb you when printing, the UP BOX is a great printer 3D, in all senses.

The 3D UP BOX is priced at €2.199 EUR (VAT included). The quality of the printing and the ease of use, as well as the extended warranty of collection, service, deliverand and hotline 0-2 years of life of the printer are really worth for that price. Preferred.

We are grateful to Toni Smith and a ENTRESD have we provided a unit for review. You can consult the politics of relationships with companies here.