2 Ultimaker Improves in Almost Everything and Creates Community for Sharing 3D Print Creations

Ultimaker 2 It is these 3D printers to which a server wouldn’t put a dent on the artboard. It is true that it is hard 1,900 euros and not I would take advantage, but I like.

This new creation is more compact, silent and efficient than the previous model. You can work with different materials (PLA, ABS, and PVA) and has WiFi connectivity to be able to even print from smartphones or tablets. The impressions of plus size which can make are 22 x 22 x 20 mm.

At the software level, this Ultimaker 2 comes with a new version of cure, your program Open Source to work with 3D models and he claims to be much more optimized than other solutions of the same type.

But the best comes with the creation of the community of YouImagine, where the 3D printers users can upload and download their creations.